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Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah celebrates Mother's Day at SOS CV Amman

Her Majesty
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah paid a visit to the SOS Children's Village Amman, where she celebrated mother's day with children and their caregivers in the village. Read More  



SOS Jordan honours the SOS Mothers in a Ceremony attended by President Helmut Kutin

SOS Children's Villages Association of Jordan hosted a ceremony at the SOS Children's Village of Aqaba to honor the distinguish efforts of three SOS Mothers who served for more than ten years by giving them the SOS rings , in the presence of Mr. Helmut Kutin, President of SOS Children's Villages International. Read More
"Balloons of Hope" fundraising charity event 
Miss Majd Soudi, a Miss Universe Canada 2012 Finalist, was leading the "Balloons of Hope" fundraising charity event for the sake of SOS children in Jordan. Read More

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