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SOS Childrens villages - jordan

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Family House Sponsorship

About Family House sponsorship                                              

JOD 15,000 – per year – per family house

Your contribution would ensure that all the children’s needs in the house you choose will be met for a whole year. This includes items such as groceries, school fees & supplies, minor medical and dental care, clothing, transport and extra-curricular activities.

This contribution provides approximately 50% of the actual costs of sustaining the family, with the remaining 50% being covered by donations from individuals, and subsidies from the Ministry of Social Development.  Partnerships between the government, the public and the corporate sector are the key to successful and sustainable child-care projects.

Items Personnel Costs
1. Household (Food, Cleaning Material…etc.) 1. Administration Staff (Mother& Aunt)
2. Clothing 2. Medical Expenses
3. School Expenses and Fees 3. Administration Expenses
4. Public Services (Water, Electricity, Gas…etc.) 4. Transportation Expenses
5. Maintenance

Recognition methods

  1. A plaque is placed at the entrance of the family house or the village reception area indicating your support. This is updated on an annual basis.
  2. Publicity on SOS social media and website and in local newspapers as well as the SOS annual report.
  3. Tax deduction benefits.
  4. Supporting companies are regularly invited to special functions held at the Village, and are kept abreast of the children’s educational and psychological development.
  5. The donor name will be listed along with our Major Sponsors on the Wall of Exceptional Giving.


The bright smiling faces of our children welcome our donors’ visits to the SOS Children’s Village.  Several sponsors make a continued contribution to the villages over many years, watching as the children grow to adulthood. This is an indelible contribution to these children’s lives.

Wall of giving

Diamond Sponsor Mr. Munir Atalla Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank
H.M. Queen Nour Al Hussien Ayla Oasis Development Company Standard Chartered Bank
H.M. Prince Hamzeh Bin Hussien Gold Sponsor Arab Bank
HSBC Bank Om Sanad Abdulrahman Basha Madi Total Jordan
World Duty Free Group – Aldeasa DHL Mr. Ramzi Haffar
Shawi, Irshidat and Masanat (Omnitrade) Louis Vuitton Rawan, Noor and Mira Rahim
Housing Bank for Trade & Finance Silver Sponsor Mr. Zaid Kawar
Pikasso Jordan Bank of Jordan H.E. Mr. Samir Murad
Dar Al Handasa Jordan Kuwait Bank Amman Chamber of Commerce
Zain Telecom Arab Potash Company Marina Plaza Hotel
Saraya Aqaba Mr. Sami Qasem AL- Naser Kia Motors
Mr. Ali Kolagassi Saudi Oger Jordan Nader Group
Capital Bank Bronze Sponsor Mohammad Al-Husari
Masar United Contracting Co. Hikma Pharamceuticals Inner Wheel Philadelphia