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The first SOS Children’s Village in Jordan was opened in 1986 in the capital Amman. This followed a meeting that was held in 1982 between Queen Noor Al-Hussein, Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of SOS Children’s Villages and Bruno Kreisky, the former Austrian Chancellor. SOS Children’s Village in Jordan has continued to grow since, providing high-quality services to orphaned and abandoned children throughout Jordan.
In 1986, a kindergarten was opened inside the village to serve children living at the village, as well as children from the neighboring community. Today, the SOS Kindergarten is one of the most respected kindergartens in the country and is known for its innovative and creative teaching techniques. Currently, over 100 children attend the Kindergarten, out of which only 20 percent only live at SOS Children’s Village. Meanwhile, to help prepare youths for an independent life, three SOS Youth Houses were opened in Amman over the past years.
In 1991, a second SOS Children’s Village was built in the harbour town Aqaba in the south of the country to accommodate more Jordanian orphans. A third SOS Children’s Village was then built in Irbid, in the north of the country. This village has twelve family houses and was built as part of SOS Children’s Villages’ 50th Anniversary Celebrations in 1999. SOS Youth Facilities to accommodate children over the age of 14-years-old have opened in both Aqaba and Irbid since. Moving to an SOS Youth Facility is usually the first step towards an independent life.
SOS Jordan has built a strong name for itself and fostered special ties with the late King Hussein and his wife Queen Noor. This relationship continues today with King Abdullah and his wife Queen Rania. The Royal Family visits our projects on a regular basis, and supports SOS Children’s Villages through providing the children with free medical care and the youth with university scholarships.
Currently, SOS Children’s Villages in Jordan is home to 246 children and 96 youths. The SOS Kindergartens provide services to 280 children and SOS Amman Training Centre assists 150 people.