Inspiring story of Volunteer Bisher

Inspiring story of Volunteer Bisher

…When a man vows himself to do good deeds
Volunteer Bisher, 62 years old. He has been volunteering in SOS Amman youth houses, which belong to the Children’s Villages for five years. Amman youth houses are the place that youths live in after they graduate from the village at the age of 14, and stay there until they reach the age of 18.

Volunteer Bisher helps the youth to plan their life ahead after they graduate in order to become self-reliant and independent, and to know what to do in their next life phases. He helped developing plans for 9 successful youths, who graduated from the youth houses to continue living their future.

“I truly have learned so much from them, and concluded that it is substantially hard for any of us to grasp and know the feelings of these youths, that is why I try to support them with all sincerity and trusteeship. I proudly receive this message from the youth I have taught: “we want to tell you that ‘Thank you’ is not enough, compared to everything you have provided us ; from the safety we feel when we are with you, to the success you made us reach. You are a very important person in our lives, you helped us reach a stability phase, and we wish you could continue taking care of every youth out there for them to be successful because you have and always will be a leading father for everyone.”

Gaining their trust and love, and their consideration towards me as a father has helped to teach them how to accept the present and seize every available opportunity. I have taught them to cope and deal bravely with the past and its precipitates, and with no intimidation.

I also have taught them to plan their future with utter confidence, and that future prosperity and success are achieved by academic and vocational excellence and is the first option lying in their sights, of course along with committing to human ethics and manners and respecting humanity.
The love I have for these youths, who have become an inseparable part of my life, and my trust invested in them, along with contemplating what worries them and their ambitions, is what drives me to always volunteer. Currently, I am volunteering with eight youths, other than the nine youth who graduated from the youth houses. A volunteer is only a side-supporter whose youth either choose to benefit from or not.

Because they gave me this opportunity, I thank the amazing people who gave me their full trust and allowed me to help them one day and to even slightly feel and understand their feelings that no other would be able to, except them. I hope I have left a positive impact in their lives, and hope all the support for SOS Children’s Village for their tremendous and benevolent efforts in securing a warm and loving house for every youth and child.”

This is what volunteer Bisher shared with us:

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