Inspiring story of Mama Fatima – Irbid Village

Inspiring story of Mama Fatima - Irbid Village

I am Fatima, or as my children call me, Mama Fatima. My job is being a mother at SOS Children’s Village-Irbid for 20 years, basically, since the Village was established.

My mother passed away when I was only a child and was living at my family’s house. At that time, I realized how hard for one to lose his/her mother, and how much one misses to call “Mama”. A few years later, my dad passed away. I was appointed as a mother at the village when I was 28 years old, and currently, I am raising 5 children in my house in the Village. From that house, 8 sons and 8 daughters graduated, and now I have 6 grandchildren.

Children are priceless grace, and ever since I lost my mother, I liked calling ‘Mama’ to any child, thus, I applied for a mother role in the SOS Children’s Village, because I knew how much I can dedicate my life in raising children who were deprived of this gift. As for me, I granted my life so that I can raise them and give them all the love they lost one day.

My son, Sadam, is the oldest amongst my children, and now he is 28 years old. Sadam graduated from Yarmouk University and currently works in a company in Amman, and he is a Taekwondo champion. As for the rest of my children, they are all successful and completed their education. 4 of my daughters are married, and I became a grandmother. My youngest son, Hamzeh, is an outstanding student at school, and is granted the gift of singing and has a great voice.

I am their friend, not just their mother who raised them, and like any other family, we go out and visit their newly married sisters and brothers constantly, especially on holidays and special occasions. I encourage all of them until they graduate, to become independent, and rely on themselves.

In case I need a consultation, I resort to the Village Director, where he is like a father for all the children, and I take his advice which is very confidential and neutral. This always makes me more attached to my job as an SOS mother, followed by my passion for raising my children of course.

I ask God to keep all my children whom I raised from harm’s way because these children are under our custodianship and responsibility. I hope I will see them successful while building their future, and I hope God will show them good days, and to be capable to continue with my journey with all love and kindness.

With my love,
Mama Fatima.

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