Inspiring story of Mama Khitam

Inspiring story of Mama Khitam

My Name is Khitam, and I am a mother at Amman SOS Children’s Village. I have been in the village for 15 years, and I was an aunt to the children for the first 5 years of my journey.

In the beginning, I was like any other mother that vowed her life to her children, living in the house like any other loving family, and spending most of my time with them. Until the day, 7 successful youths graduating from my house. Now, I have 2 male and 2 female children under my care, where I am responsible for them until they are grown, educated and engaged in society.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we learnt how to cope with it in terms of awareness and precautions. We have been equipped with needed approaches in that regard, and I have shared the with my children to know how to properly deal with hygiene and sanitizing.

I am more than a mother to my children, I am both their friend and mother and close to them. I talk to them, always listen to them and help them with their school work.

In the current situation, with the quarantine, we sit together more than before; we set the table for Ramadan Fotoor together, study, and do online school exams.

The situation we are facing now requires patience and caution, and we need to take care of the children and make them feel safe, by raising their awareness on how to stay safe.

I thank God that I am quarantined with my children because I would feel very sad if I had been quarantined during my visit to my family outside Amman, where I wouldn’t be able to return to my children.

I advise all mothers to take good care of their children always and in such circumstances. I hope God will empower me to continue with my journey with all love and kindness with these children so that they will arrive at safety-land and pursue their education, and build their future that mainly relies on their persistence and their life’s footsteps.

With my love,
Mama Khitam

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