Press Releases

Press Releases

Talabat Jordan

‎– talabat Jordan, the Region’s leading food and grocery delivery app, has recently announced the ‎onboarding of SOS Children’s Villages Jordan to the list of virtual charities on its app.‎

I See You Campaign

On the occasion of World Orphan’s Day, celebrated annually on the second Monday of November, ‎SOS Children’s Village Jordan is strengthening efforts to raise funds to continue caring for orphans in ‎Jordan by providing them with alternative family

SOS chief visits children’s village in Irbid

President of SOS Children’s Villages International Siddhartha Kaul, accompanied by SOS MENA ‎Regional Director Al Hadi Abdullah, on Sunday had a first-hand look at the services offered in the SOS ‎village in Irbid.‎

Royal Court chief meets chief of SOS Children’s Villages International

Deputising for His Majesty King Abdullah, Royal Court Chief Yousef Issawi on Tuesday met with the ‎President of SOS Children’s Villages International Siddhartha Kaul and an accompanying delegation.‎

CPF Initiative Naua

The Crown Prince Foundation initiative Naua and SOS Children’s Village Jordan on Monday signed a ‎cooperation agreement that enables the SOS ‎to receive funds to top its programmes

SOS Children’s Villages marks 70th anniversary

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan held a celebration ceremony in Amman marking the 70th anniversary of ‎the villages’ establishment worldwide with the attendance of partners‎