Talabat Jordan adds SOS Children's Villages Jordan to its list of virtual charities

Amman, Jordan – September xx 2021 – talabat Jordan, the Region’s leading food and grocery delivery ‎app, has recently announced the onboarding of SOS Children’s Villages Jordan to the list of virtual ‎charities on its app. By adding SOS Children’s Villages to its in-app donation mechanism, talabat Jordan ‎is working to support the charity organization and its noble mission of providing care for orphaned ‎children and youth.‎

Through this partnership, talabat Jordan intends to support SOS Children’s Villages’ existing repertoire ‎of programs and activities, which aim to meet the comprehensive and diverse needs of orphaned ‎children and youth. The organization provides its young beneficiaries with a wide range of services and ‎support, including food, housing, education, physical and mental healthcare, empowerment, ‎economic security, protection, and community integration. Through a series of upcoming donation ‎campaigns, talabat users, partners, and employees will now be able to support the vital work being ‎done by SOS Children’s Villages Jordan—all through the convenience and ease of the talabat app.‎

talabat Jordan’s Managing Director, Hala Siraj, commented on this new partnership, saying, “We are ‎excited to add SOS Children’s Villages Jordan to our ever-growing virtual charity list. In doing so, we are ‎taking proactive steps to better facilitate their important work, while also helping our customers, ‎partners, and employees enhance their positive social impact. As a company, we are keen to support ‎people and communities everywhere, with a particular focus on children and youth. In doing so, we ‎are expanding and solidifying our vision of being a purpose-driven company, whose commitments ‎extend far beyond our core operations and investments.”‎

For her part, the Country Director of SOS Children’s Villages Jordan, Rana Al-Zoubi, expressed her ‎happiness in joining forces with talabat Jordan. She noted that because talabat serves all parts of the ‎Kingdom, this strategic partnership will allow community members across Jordan to contribute to the ‎organization’s mission of helping meet the diverse needs of children and youth under its care. Al-Zoubi ‎further underscored how talabat Jordan serves as a great example of the vital role that private sector ‎institutions can play in supporting local charities.‎

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan is a national non-profit organization caring for over 30% of all orphaned ‎and vulnerable children in Jordan who lack parental care. The organization operates across 32 houses, ‎three villages, and eight youth houses in the cities of Amman, Irbid, and Aqaba. talabat Jordan’s ‎decision to partner with SOS Children’s Villages Jordan stems from the company’s corporate ‎responsibility strategy, through which it aims to become a primary and preferred partner for social and ‎economic empowerment–in much that same way that it is already is a primary and preferred partner ‎for online ordering and food delivery throughout the Kingdom.‎

Over the past two years, talabat Jordan has implemented countless corporate responsibility initiatives ‎and programs benefiting local, regional, and international communities. Through its virtual charity ‎platform, hosted directly on the app, talabat Jordan allows users to donate to renowned charities such ‎as Al-Aman Fund, Tkiyet Um Ali, the King Hussein Cancer Center, and the Jordanian Food Bank. Along ‎with this ongoing mechanism for supporting local charitable organizations, the company has carried out ‎numerous other humanitarian campaigns in support of communities in need across Jordan, ‎throughout the region, and worldwide.‎

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