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Youth Waseem – Aqaba Village

Youth Waseem - Aqaba Village

My name is Waseem, and I am 16 years old. I would like to tell you about my story with drawing, which I started since I was in kindergarten. When I turned to third grade, my village mother discovered my talent, and with the help of my village family, I worked on improving my skill and on achieving all the dreams I set in my mind.

Drawing for me is something I can express my feelings through; joy, sadness, and everything. I am very proud I managed to sell my first two paintings which I drew in a competition I once participated in and won. At that time, I was thrilled and knew for sure that I really can draw more and more. I have huge positive energy and, thanks to god, I participated in many other competitions afterward, and was able to win and sell some of the paintings, few were with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Union Association for Women, etc.,…

My dream, when I grow older, is to become an international artist, and make everyone know about me and my talent. When I draw, I always draw from my heart, and I am sure that my paintings will impress people.

Aside from my drawing talent, I am also practicing playing Oud “Oriental musical instrument”, because Music is another way I can express my feelings through and is very spiritual, like drawing.
I would like to say thanks to everyone who stood by me in the past 16 years. Thanks to Mama and to my family, brothers, and sisters. May God keep you with me. I grow with your presence.

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