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Alternative Care Advisor

Job Description and Requirements

Under the leadership of the National Programme Development Director (NPDD), the National Alternative Care Advisor (NACA) drives programme development in the field of Alternative Care in line with the “Vision, Mission, Values”, the Brand and approved strategies, policies and plans of the organisation and national legislation. As a member of the national programme development department, she/he contributes to setting and reaching the strategic objectives and targets of the MA in the area of alternative care and monitors and evaluates progress towards achieving set targets. She/he provides technical expertise and content-wise leads SOS Children’s Village Programme unit managers/leaders in a location in planning, implementing and monitoring programme interventions in the area of Alternative Care. The NACA is responsible for introducing and monitoring the implementation of quality standards in the area of Alternative Care. Content-wise, the NACA receives guidance from the regional Unit Head/Advisor. As a member of the regional Alternative Care network the NACA shares good practices and experiences with colleagues from other MAs.‎

Job Location:‎

Amman, Jordan

Career Level:‎

Senior (More than 8 years of experience in the same field)

Main clients:

  • SOS Children’s Village Programme Directors and Programme Unit Managers/leaders in the area of Alternative Care and Youth Care.
  • National Programme Development Director
  • Regional Alternative Care Unit Head/Advisors

Key performance areas and main responsibilities: ‎

Programme development

  • Under the leadership of the NPDD, contributes to annual and strategic planning and monitoring of progress towards targets.
  • Under the leadership of NPDD and in cooperation with other Programme Advisors, actively contributes to putting the SOS Children’s Villages Programme Policy and related policies into practice taking into consideration national legislation and context.
  • Supports NPDD in carrying out CRSAs and feasibility studies and participates in the development of concept notes and programme proposals for approval by GSC.
  • Develops detailed psycho-pedagogical concepts for new types of interventions in the country jointly with programme staff in the locations for approval by Regional Alternative Care Unit.
  • Provides technical expertise to the NPDD and CVPD when setting up new programme units and interventions in a location.
  • Supports NPDD, CVPD, and Programme unit managers in locations in applying for public funds.
  • Provides content-wise guidance to programme unit managers in the locations in planning, budgeting, and reporting of programme interventions.
  • Leads specific programme development projects as assigned by the NPDD.
  • Monitor the PDB2 data for the Alternative Care program.
  • Regularly reports on developments in the specific programme area to the NPDD and the responsible regional PD Unit.

Quality Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Jointly with other PD Advisors, supports NPDD in the development and establishment of a national association quality management system.
  • Supports CVPD and Programme unit managers in a location in implementing quality standards.
  • Monitors and evaluates the quality and progress of programme interventions and projects, including through project visits, internal audits, and review of and feedback to project reports, statistics, and self-evaluation results to ensure that interventions are in line with organisational plans, standards, and policies, and with national legislation.
  • Supports regional quality audits and external evaluations. Advises and supports the implementation of recommendations.

Human Resources Development ‎

  • Supports CVPD in the effective implementation of the HR cycle related to programme unit managers. Participates in the recruitment and onboarding of the Programme units’ managers and programme staff in the location, as well as provides input into annual performance appraisals, and proposed staff development measures for the Programme units’ managers.
  • Organises or provides joint training for staff from different locations working. Ensures knowledge exchange between staff working in different locations, including through meetings.
  • Advises and monitors implementation of appropriate staffing standards and structures in line with quality standards in close cooperation with the national HR Manager.

Research and Knowledge Management

  • Documents and distributes lessons learned and good practices to support organisational learning on the national, regional and international levels.
  • Participates on behalf of MA in the regional network and contributes to regional projects.
  • Participates on behalf of the MA in international/national studies and research projects.

Partnership building and Advocacy

  • Supports NPDD, CVPD and Programme units’ managers in the location in building strong links and cooperation with national government and local authorities, as well as other stakeholders to enhance programme development.
  • Joins relevant networks, platforms, campaigns, working groups and advocates on behalf of the organisation for the promotion and protection of children’s rights, especially on issues linked to children at risk of losing the care of their families or children without parental care.
  • Participates in relevant national/international conferences

Child Safeguarding (CS)

  • Responsible to raise awareness of the SOS Child Protection Policy principles and to protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination
  • Supports NPDD, CVPD and Programme units’ managers in organising relevant preventive actions addressing existing and possible CS risks as identified by the CS risk assessment.
  • Responsible to report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures. CS reports should be made to the national CS focal person or any other member of the national CS team and/or to the respective line manager.

Interested candidates to send their CVs with a cover letter to
The deadline for submission is 20/08/2022; noted that SOS-Jordan has the right to start the recruitment process before this date.

Please mention in the subject of the email NACA

Programme Coordinator

Duty Station :Amman CV

Mission of the position:

Under the leadership of Amman SOS Children’s Village Programs Director, the Programs ‎Coordinator leads planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Amman village ‎Programs in the location in line with the “Vision, Mission, Values”, the brand and approved strategies, ‎policies, guidelines of the organisation and national legislation. He/she is responsible for ‎coordinating the overall process of programs management and monitoring the quality of the all ‎programs and services implemented at the village. He/she supports CVPD in building a strong ‎network of partner organisations and builds positive relationships with the community and/or local ‎authorities. He/she is responsible to build and manage a strong team in the programme unit. She/he ‎reports to the CVPD and content-wise also to support on all programs unit plans and activities. As a ‎member of the SOS Children’s Village Programme Management Team, he/she participates in the ‎annual planning of the CVP. ‎
the current situation at Amman village regarding the number of programs, projects, activities and the ‎increment of the staff I would like to request to create a new position ( Programs Coordinator ) at ‎Amman village , this position will provide help in the following up process and choosing the right ‎blend of the programs for the village and to make sure that all programs and activities are align with ‎wider village goals, this involves creating policies, processes, and workflows to define and ‎coordinate between all programs and to keep employees updated with regular communication and ‎training, this also includes maintaining a shared program culture, uniform work techniques, and ‎defining programs metrics and KPIs.‎
Also will help in defining roles and responsibilities and manage priorities based on budgets and ‎timelines, and will help in train and coach employees to ensure program management happens in a ‎streamlined and uniform manner across the village, and create work management tools, templates, ‎and software to create a reliable repository of all programs data that results in better decision ‎making. ‎
I believe this position will be an added value and will help us to ensure that all organizational ‎programs and projects are delivered with high quality and achieve their defined outcomes.‎

Main clients: ‎

  • SOS Children’s Villages Programme Director
  • Family Strengthening programme staff
  • National Family Strengthening Programme Advisor
  • Local Authorities
  • AC coordinator
  • Malath and any other project team ‎

Key performance areas and main responsibilities: ‎

Programme Development and Management

  • Assist with planning and coordination of programs and their activities
  • Monitor implementation of program policies and practices
  • Work to keep programs on schedule, within stated budgets and functioning smoothly
  • Support program growth and development as necessary
  • Coordinate program communications
  • Manage staff work assignments, workloads and work schedules
  • Administer or oversee fund raising operations for programs as well as community outreach
  • Oversee the program budget, including tracking billing, payments and other financial transactions
  • Coordinate interactions/relationships between staff, clients, administrators and all other ‎program stakeholders
  • Schedule and organize program-related meetings and events
  • Oversee the use of technology for program operations, such as video conferencing technology, ‎presentation software and other communications technologies, for instance
  • Create and maintain program records, reports, presentations and proposals
  • Facilitate positive relations between the programs team, the public, and the media, other ‎departments within the organization, and all other involved parties.‎
  • Manage marketing and communications (media relations, social media)‎
  • Help in the development and implementation of Amman village programs in line with the ‎SOS Children’s Villages Programme Policy and related international and national SOS ‎policies, strategies, quality standards and guidelines. ‎
  • Help in the implementation of Amman village programs management cycle to ensure that ‎interventions are relevant to the local context, respond to the needs of the target group ‎and contribute to the development of sustainable social support systems. ‎
  • Coordinates and supervises the overall process of case management applied in Amman ‎village, including the establishment of the multidisciplinary team, case discussions, ‎caseload regulations etc.‎
  • Coordinates the development of a comprehensive programme service package in ‎cooperation with partners.‎
  • Supports capacity-building of programme implementation partners (community-based ‎organisations or structures, self-help groups, local NGOs or local authorities) to ensure the ‎long-term sustainability of service delivery and ongoing development of the programme ‎unit in the future. ‎
  • Regularly reports on Amman village programs activities, progress towards targets to CVPD ‎and relevant National Office functions and/or child protection authorities as required by ‎national legislation‎

Monitoring and Evaluation ‎

  • Ensures quality management within Amman village programs and implements the ‎recommendation from national and international quality audits and/or evaluations.‎
  • Ensures that proper monitoring and evaluation system is put in place and applied in all ‎programs implemented at Amman village.‎
  • Implements the programs database , monitors the quality of data entry, uses database ‎reports for planning, monitoring and evaluation, supports users with content questions, ‎collects regularly information about new content updates and suggestions from family ‎strengthening programme staff and reports them to NFSPA. ‎

Human Resources development

  • Ensures the effective implementation of the HR Cycle in all programs at Amman village ‎following national legal requirements and SOS guidelines.‎
  • Proposes to CVPD appropriate staffing patterns to ensure the provision of quality services ‎for all programs.‎
  • Coordinates the involvement of volunteers in the programs and ensures effective human ‎resource systems are implemented for them, including job descriptions, regular review ‎sessions/ trainings, in line with defined practices of the MA.‎
  • Provides regular professional guidance, supervision and support to the programs team in ‎accordance with approved strategies, policies of the organisation and national legislation.‎
  • Participates in InterVision sessions as well as individual or group external supervision.‎

Financial and administrative management ‎

  • Implements financial and administrative procedures within the programme unit in ‎accordance with defined policies, guidelines and standards and in consultation with ‎financial support staff.‎
  • Supports CVPD during the budgeting process in the location. ‎
  • Monitors budget expenditures in the programme unit, in order to ensure that funds are ‎properly used and in line with the annual plan and budget.‎
  • Continually looks for ways to provide quality services in a cost-effective manner.‎

Partnership building and advocacy

  • Supports CVPD in partnership and network building, which provide the families with a ‎package of complementary services.‎
  • Coordinates service delivery from different providers on programme unit level to ensure ‎continuity and comprehensiveness of interventions for the programs beneficiaries.‎
  • Upon the request of CVPD, represent the organisation at relevant local networks, forums, ‎platforms, campaigns, working groups and advocates on behalf of the organisation for the ‎promotion of child rights, especially related to children from the target group.‎

Fund Development and public relations

  • Supports CVPD and other NO functions in identification of local funding sources and ‎application for grants and other forms of local income, such as donations in kind and ‎government subsidies.‎
  • Prepares programme unit information as required for public relations and fund ‎development purposes.‎

Knowledge Management

  • Documents and shares good practises and lessons learned within the programme unit to ‎support organisational learning.‎
  • Exchanges regularly with other programs co-workers in national network meetings.‎
  • Keeps regular track of latest developments in social work area as well as changes in ‎national legislation, policies and practices related to children in the target group. ‎
  • Participates on behalf of the MA in research projects and/or national studies.‎

Child Safeguarding (CS)‎

  • Responsible to raise awareness of the SOS Child Protection Policy principles and to protect ‎children and young people from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence ‎and discrimination
  • Carries out CS risk assessment within his/her area of work and ensures that relevant ‎actions are put in place to mitigate the existing and possible CS risks.‎
  • Ensures strong focus on CS prevention by organising informal and formal discussions, ‎workshops and other capacity buildings activities for children and young people to make ‎them understand CS risks and protection mechanisms ‎
  • Responsible to report any CS suspicion, concern, allegation or incident immediately, ‎following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures. CS reports should be made to the CS ‎team at programme level and/or to the respective line manager ‎

How to apply,If you are interested in this position, please email your application (cover letter, CV) to:
the position title must be mentioned in the subject line. Only the shortlisted candidates will be ‎contacted.‎

Thank you for your interest in joining SOS Children’s Villages Jordan.

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