Emergency Response Programme (ERP)

In compliance with SOS Children’s Villages International vision to support orphaned children and those who lack family support and in-order to mitigate suffering of Syrian refugees in Jordan, SOS Children’s Villages Jordan launched its first emergency response programme in March 2017 called “Women and Children Empowerment to Secure a Better Future for their Families”.

The programme was launched in partnership with a community-based organization in Northern Hashimi, Amman. The “Women and Children Empowerment to Secure a Better Future for their Families” programme, fulfils the basic needs for the Syrian refugee families and vulnerable Jordanian families to improve their quality of life.

Through its planned lifespan of three years, the project will enable Jordanian and Syrian children to benefit from formal and non-formal education; while women (mostly mothers of aforementioned children) will be trained on income generating vocational skills, business and employability skills. Socio-psychosocial support is provided for both children and women as well.

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan is implementing ERP2 to fulfil the need for psychological support for children victims of violence and trauma. It is also hoped to empower the social support networks for children via training staff of relevant ministries and juvenile courts.

ERP2 will ensure that the holistic needs of the target group are addressed. Through targeting students aged between (12-18 years), ERP2 aims to prevent the deterioration of the situation of Syrian youth refugees living in Jordan. ERP2 will support students enrolled in the non-formal education system, implemented by other INGOs, alongside Mental Health, Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), and life skills activities.