SOS Childrens villages - jordan

Keeping Families Together

Every child has the right to grow up in a loving family, preferably with one or both parents. However, families experiencing crises or extreme hardship may have difficulty caring adequately for their children. By virtue of accumulative experience at the Children’s Villages in childcare and in alignment with our slogan that “No child should grow up by him/herself”, SOS Children’s Villages Jordan implements a programme to support Jordanian families at risk of abandoning their children called “Family Strengthening Programme”.

This programme is delivered via community-based organizations in disadvantaged areas. The services include helping drop-out children return to school, medical support, training on child care, economic empowerment via training and employment of the parent. The objective being to fulfill the needs of families so they can remain coherent and integrated for the sake of their children.

The programme also works on strengthening national protection networks for children and families at risk in their community, as well as building partnerships and assigning roles to all stakeholders as relevant.
The reasons why families participate in SOS family strengthening programme include: economic hardship, death of one or both parents and unstable relationship of the parents.

How we help families stay together

SOS Children’s Villages works to help families stay together through more than 550 family strengthening programmes. All around the world, we take direct action to strengthen families and communities so they can adequately care for their children.

Some of the ways in which we help:

  • Coaching in parenting and household management skills.
  • Family counselling to resolve issues.
  • Access to health care services for children and nursing mothers.
  • Access to education for girls and boys, including school fees, school uniforms, learning materials, tutoring and after-school help.
  • Training and equipping parents to earn an income and create a stable home.