Individual Donations

Individual Donations

Every child needs a loving family to grow up in. SOS Children’s Villages Jordan builds families within a community for orphaned children and those who lack parental care. In each family house a child grows up under the care of a mother with other brothers and sisters in a loving family atmosphere for an extended period of time.

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan covers all the children’s needs and provides education and opportunities for them. This way the children grow up in a safe and stable family environment, establishing with long-term relationships that help them to become independent and responsible adults.

We need committed donors and supporters who donate on a regular basis. Even small amounts help support our children. With a regular donation, you are covering part of the needs of children and ensuring that every child is protected and supported.

  • Sponsor a child (age between 0 and 13 years) for JODs 15 /month
  • Sponsor a youth(age between 14 and 18 years) for JODs 25 /month
  • Sponsor a family (consists of a mother and 5-7 children) for JODs 50 /month.
  • Or donate any other amount as a general donation.
  • You can donate your zakat and public & ongoing alms for orphans
    According to the Fatwa of the Department of General Fatwa No. 1/1/11/1206, it is acceptable to give zakat and
    charity donations to orphans and those who lack family support, and there is no difference between them
    Donations are tax-exempted, based on an official letter from the Income and Sale Tax Department.

In-kind donations are material goods or services offered to support children, youth and villages. We welcome and appreciate in-kind donations such as food, clothes, toys, stationery, books, furniture, etc. These can be new or in excellent condition. All donated goods and services are evaluated and assessed to ensure they meet the needs and best interest of the children, the youth and their houses.

Contact us at:

(+962-6) 566 5724 ext. 104/114

Celebrate with your loved ones any special occasion such as: Birthdays, Marriage, Graduation and New baby, in a meaningful and sustainable way by making a donation in their name through our Gift of Hope.
By doing so you are supporting the children under our care.

To order your Gift of Hope

(+962-6) 566 5724 ext. 104/114

Our greeting cards, painted with love by talented and creative children and youth from SOS Children’s Villages are an original unique way to send your seasonal greetings to friends, work colleagues and family. With these beautiful cards you are supporting orphans and spreading a message of hope with each card you send.

Cards can be purchased individually for JOD 1. These colourful cards are blank inside for you to write your personalised messages, making them ideal for all occasions.

To know more about the available designs please contact us on:

(+962-6) 566 5724 ext. 104/114

Volunteers play an important role in the development of our children. By sharing your time and talent, you can help change a child’s life.

University and School students and corporates’ staff can also volunteer as individuals or in groups to support the children and the villages.

We welcome volunteers from different backgrounds to enrich our children’s lives.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, you can submit this application form, and we will contact you once we have a volunteering opportunity.

Contact us through the following :

(+962-6) 566 5724 ext. 104/114

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan prioritises education and personal development for all children and youth in its Family-Based Care Programme.

Our objective is to support and help children in their life paths towards becoming mature independent adults, acquiring the necessary skills that will allow them to take responsibility of their own futures, as well as the capacity to contribute positively to Jordan’s future.

We believe that every child is a unique individual with the right to participate in his/her own development and future.
For this reason, each child and youth at SOS Children’s Villages Jordan works on the design and creation of his/her “personalised individual development plan”. This plan is done yearly by every child with the support and help of his/her SOS mother, social workers and youth care specialists.

We ensure that every child at SOS Children’s Villages Jordan receives high quality school education. After school we also support and guide the youth to undertake university studies or vocational training.

You can cover the School needs for a child or youth, including:

  • School fees
  • School trips fees
  • School uniform
  • Stationery