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Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Inspiring story of Mama Fatima - Irbid Village

I am Fatima, or as my children call me, Mama Fatima. My job is being a mother at SOS Children’s Village-Irbid for 20 years, basically, since the Village was established.

My mother passed away when I was only a child and was living at my family’s house. At that time, I realized how hard for one to lose his/her mother, and how much one misses to call “Mama”. A few years later, my dad passed away. I was appointed as a mother at the village when I was 28 years old, and currently, I am raising 5 children in my house in the Village. From that house, 8 sons and 8 daughters graduated, and now I have 6 grandchildren.

Children are priceless grace, and ever since I lost my mother, I liked calling ‘Mama’ to any child, thus, I applied for a mother role in the SOS Children’s Village, because I knew how much I can dedicate my life in raising children who were deprived of this gift. As for me, I granted my life so that I can raise them and give them all the love they lost one day.

My son, Sadam, is the oldest amongst my children, and now he is 28 years old. Sadam graduated from Yarmouk University and currently works in a company in Amman, and he is a Taekwondo champion. As for the rest of my children, they are all successful and completed their education. 4 of my daughters are married, and I became a grandmother. My youngest son, Hamzeh, is an outstanding student at school, and is granted the gift of singing and has a great voice.

I am their friend, not just their mother who raised them, and like any other family, we go out and visit their newly married sisters and brothers constantly, especially on holidays and special occasions. I encourage all of them until they graduate, to become independent, and rely on themselves. In case I need a consultation, I resort to the Village Director, where he is like a father for all the children, and I take his advice which is very confidential and neutral. This always makes me more attached to my job as an SOS mother, followed by my passion for raising my children of course.

I ask God to keep all my children whom I raised from harm’s way because these children are under our custodianship and responsibility. I hope I will see them successful while building their future, and I hope God will show them good days, and to be capable to continue with my journey with all love and kindness.

With my love,
Mama Fatima.

Inspiring story of Mama Khitam

My Name is Khitam, and I am a mother at Amman SOS Children’s Village. I have been in the village for 15 years, and I was an aunt to the children for the first 5 years of my journey.

In the beginning, I was like any other mother that vowed her life to her children, living in the house like any other loving family, and spending most of my time with them. Until the day, 7 successful youths graduating from my house. Now, I have 2 male and 2 female children under my care, where I am responsible for them until they are grown, educated and engaged in society.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we learnt how to cope with it in terms of awareness and precautions. We have been equipped with needed approaches in that regard, and I have shared the with my children to know how to properly deal with hygiene and sanitizing.

I am more than a mother to my children, I am both their friend and mother and close to them. I talk to them, always listen to them and help them with their school work.

In the current situation, with the quarantine, we sit together more than before; we set the table for Ramadan Fotoor together, study, and do online school exams.

The situation we are facing now requires patience and caution, and we need to take care of the children and make them feel safe, by raising their awareness on how to stay safe.

I thank God that I am quarantined with my children because I would feel very sad if I had been quarantined during my visit to my family outside Amman, where I wouldn’t be able to return to my children.

I advise all mothers to take good care of their children always and in such circumstances. I hope God will empower me to continue with my journey with all love and kindness with these children so that they will arrive at safety-land and pursue their education, and build their future that mainly relies on their persistence and their life’s footsteps.

With my love,
Mama Khitam

Inspiring story of Volunteer Bisher

…When a man vows himself to do good deeds

Volunteer Bisher, 62 years old. He has been volunteering in SOS Amman youth houses, which belong to the Children’s Villages for five years. Amman youth houses are the place that youths live in after they graduate from the village at the age of 14, and stay there until they reach the age of 18.

Volunteer Bisher helps the youth to plan their life ahead after they graduate in order to become self-reliant and independent, and to know what to do in their next life phases. He helped developing plans for 9 successful youths, who graduated from the youth houses to continue living their future.
This is what volunteer Bisher shared with us:

“I truly have learned so much from them, and concluded that it is substantially hard for any of us to grasp and know the feelings of these youths, that is why I try to support them with all sincerity and trusteeship. I proudly receive this message from the youth I have taught: “we want to tell you that ‘Thank you’ is not enough, compared to everything you have provided us ; from the safety we feel when we are with you, to the success you made us reach. You are a very important person in our lives, you helped us reach a stability phase, and we wish you could continue taking care of every youth out there for them to be successful because you have and always will be a leading father for everyone.”

Gaining their trust and love, and their consideration towards me as a father has helped to teach them how to accept the present and seize every available opportunity. I have taught them to cope and deal bravely with the past and its precipitates, and with no intimidation. I also have taught them to plan their future with utter confidence, and that future prosperity and success are achieved by academic and vocational excellence and is the first option lying in their sights, of course along with committing to human ethics and manners and respecting humanity.

The love I have for these youths, who have become an inseparable part of my life, and my trust invested in them, along with contemplating what worries them and their ambitions, is what drives me to always volunteer. Currently, I am volunteering with eight youths, other than the nine youth who graduated from the youth houses. A volunteer is only a side-supporter whose youth either choose to benefit from or not.

Because they gave me this opportunity, I thank the amazing people who gave me their full trust and allowed me to help them one day and to even slightly feel and understand their feelings that no other would be able to, except them. I hope I have left a positive impact in their lives, and hope all the support for SOS Children’s Village for their tremendous and benevolent efforts in securing a warm and loving house for every youth and child.”

Youth Bushra - Amman Village

My name is Bushra 17 years old, a multiple gold medalist in Taekwondo and now also a social project owner and sports trainer for children in Amman. It all started two years ago when Jordan’s national Taekwondo champion Dana Haider visited SOS Children’s Village Amman as a volunteer.

I would like to dedicate my success to SOS children’s Village Amman, and especially my mother, who taught me and stood by my side. I will proceed in my career and achieve my goal, to be a taekwondo trainer and champion at the national and international levels.

Youth Ramadan - Amman Village

My name is Ramadan, and I am 23 years old. I have lived in SOS Children’s Village, Amman. After I graduated from the village, I moved to Bayader youth house, and I have taken a course in physiotherapy at University of Jordan. Today; I am a Jiu-Jitsu athlete and a part of The Mirza Sports team, which is the first Arabic team in the Middle East Region, and in the fifth place worldwide.

I want people to know that Jiu-Jitsu sport is solely a self-defense sport, and relies immensely on cogitation and the brain, more than it being only a fighting sport.

Although I once injured my shoulder in one of the competitions, I took a timeout in practicing this sport, but then I came back on track stronger and tougher than before. Where I have greatly worked on myself along with the support of the village; wherein without their support, I would not have won multiple competitions, and few of them were the West Asia Championship, Abu Dhabi Championship for Jiu-Jitsu professionals and Peace Grand Championship. In addition, I have been awarded a championship belt from EFC in Mixed Martial Arts sports and the other championship was with The AUFC.

My continuous ambition is to keep winning first places in the competitions, and you can know more about me through my interviews broadcasted on YouTube.

Last thing I would like to say is “even if you don’t have anything, work hard and make something on your own, and rely on yourself and strive forward on your future so it will always shine positively”.

Youth Waseem - Aqaba Village

My name is Waseem, and I am 16 years old. I would like to tell you about my story with drawing, which I started since I was in kindergarten. When I turned to third grade, my village mother discovered my talent, and with the help of my village family, I worked on improving my skill and on achieving all the dreams I set in my mind.

Drawing for me is something I can express my feelings through; joy, sadness, and everything. I am very proud I managed to sell my first two paintings which I drew in a competition I once participated in and won. At that time, I was thrilled and knew for sure that I really can draw more and more. I have huge positive energy and, thanks to god, I participated in many other competitions afterward, and was able to win and sell some of the paintings, few were with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Union Association for Women, etc.,…

My dream, when I grow older, is to become an international artist, and make everyone know about me and my talent. When I draw, I always draw from my heart, and I am sure that my paintings will impress people.

Aside from my drawing talent, I am also practicing playing Oud “Oriental musical instrument”, because Music is another way I can express my feelings through and is very spiritual, like drawing.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who stood by me in the past 16 years. Thanks to Mama and to my family, brothers, and sisters. May God keep you with me. I grow with your presence.