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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Our valuable corporate partners improve continuously the lives of the children and youth under our care.
Your commitment to helping children can be materialised in a multitude of ways through a corporate partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Jordan. The possibilities for this are endless and we have plenty of ideas and projects we would like to share with you.

Together we can create and coordinate a tailor-made project or campaign that will tangibly help children and youth, while also supporting your business’s brand, interests and people.

How a corporate can support children?

SOS Children’s Villages Jordan prioritises education and personal development for all children and youth in its Family-Based Care Programmes. /p>

Our objective is to support and help children in their life paths towards becoming mature independent adults, acquiring the necessary skills that will allow them to take responsibility of their own futures, as well as the capacity to contribute positively to Jordan’s future.

We believe that every child is a unique individual with the right to participate in his/her own development and future.

For this reason, each child and youth at SOS Children Villages Jordan works on the design and creation of his/her “personalised individual development plan”. This plan is done yearly by every child with the support and help of his/her SOS mother, social workers and youth care specialists.

We ensure that every child at SOS Children’s Villages Jordan receives high quality school education. After school we also support and guide the youth to undertake university studies or vocational training

  • Stationery
  • School fees
  • School trips fees
  • School uniform

Educational sponsorship for a child or youth

Note : All the above mentioned amounts are for private schools.

Our greeting cards, painted with love by talented and creative children and youth from SOS Children’s Villages are an original unique way to send your seasonal greetings to friends, work colleagues and family. With these beautiful cards you are supporting orphans and spreading a message of hope with each card you send.

Our Cards Designs::
For Corporates:

Customize your own greeting card. Corporates can contact us directly to choose from one of the original hand-drawn designs created by the children and youth to meet their corporate greeting needs. The design will be reserved for their exclusive use and we will help tailoring the cards with the organization’s logo and personalised message.

charity donations to orphans and those who lack family support, and there is no difference between them
For individuals:

Cards can be purchased individually for JOD 1. These colourful cards are blank inside for you to write your personalised messages, making them ideal for all occasions.

To know more about the available designs for corporates and individuals, please contact us on:
Tel: (+962-6) 566 5724, ext.14 or 24
Mob: (+962-79) 9541600

Together, we can launch a marketing-related campaign, during a certain period of time, where a certain donation or percentage of sales is donated to SOS Children’s Villages Jordan.

You can support SOS Children’s Villages youth in building their career paths and developing their full potential and capacities, by providing them with training that will reinforce their employability and job opportunities.

In-kind donations are material goods or services offered to support children, youth, villages and the Association at large.

We welcome and appreciate in-kind donations such as clothes, toys, stationery, books, furniture, etc. These can be new or in excellent condition.

All donated goods and services are evaluated and assessed to ensure they meet the needs and best interests of the children, youth and their houses.

Contact Fund Development and Communications team:
Tel: (+962-6) 566 5724 ext. 14/24
Mob: (+962-79) 9541600

Your staff can sponsor a child, a youth or a family. With a small amount to be donated on a monthly basis, they will be able to participate in covering part of the children’s living expenses including education, food and health care.

Volunteering is a noble activity where an individual or group of people provide services for no financial gain, to benefit another person, group or organisation.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, you can submit this application form, and we will contact you once we have a volunteering opportunity.

For feedback or complaints, please contact us through the following :
Email: :
Tel: (+962-6) 566 5724